Seven Bridges Winery

Seven Bridges Winery Portland

2303 B North Harding
Portland, OR 97227
ph: (500) 203-2583
email: [email protected]

Winemakers Kevin Ross and Bob Switzer became friends on the soccer fields of Portland, Oregon. Based upon their mutual appreciation of great red wines, Kevin and Jill Ross introduced Bob to their winemaking hobby.

Their wines showed promise, and they knew they could make them better. Over the next several years they developed relationships with quality Columbia Valley Vineyards and honed their winemaking skills and techniques. As the wine improved each year, they wanted more, and so did their friends. One of those friends, Jim Straus, liked the wine so much that he became a business partner.

Seven Bridges Winery began producing commercially available wines beginning with the 2008 vintage, and now produces 2400 cases of fine wine each year.

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