The 649 Tap House & Bottle Shop

The 649 Tap House & Bottle Shop

18647 SW Farmington Rd.
Aloha, OR 97078
ph: (503) 649-BEER
email: [email protected]

The 649 Taphouse & Bottle Shop is a tribute to the traditional British public house, or pub. It’s a place where friends, locals and beer lovers alike gather to enjoy some of the finest beers, ciders and meads the world has to offer on 24 constantly rotating taps. You won’t find the big beer players here — just small, artisan and import brewers who take the craft seriously.

You’ll also find an extensive, carefully selected assortment of bottles to drink in house or to take home. The food is selected with beer in mind, to complement, and to enhance. Of course we fill growlers and sell kegs to go as well, but our hope is that our customers will sit down with us and share in this ancient hobby that we’ve come to own here in the Pacific Northwest.

The 649 started as the dream of Jeff & Hilda Washburn, two Aloha natives that wanted to bring their passion for craft beer to the neighborhood and neighbors they love and have grown up with. They wanted to give locals a place where they could gather and enjoy each other’s company while sampling some of the best beers, meads, and ciders from around the world, served by certified Cicerones, without the noise of lottery machines, pool tables, or ridiculously loud music.

After some extensive, ahem, “research,” The 649 was born. Why The 649? When Jeff and Hilda were growing up in Aloha, all they had to remember was the last four digits of a friend’s phone number, because everyone’s number started with 649. It’s a tribute to our neighbors, as is the pub itself.

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